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Financial Review “There are heaps of personal budgeting apps but this one [My Weekly Budget] is simple to use.” Alabama Learning Exchange The Alabama Learning exchange has incorporated My Weekly Budget into their curriculum.
MakeUseof “You may find My Weekly Budget a very simple and straightforward way to track your budget.” New Frugality “This app is a simple yet effective tool for managing your weekly budget.”
New Frugality My Weekly Budget is incredibly simple to use, and very easy to understand…” PostConsumers.com PostConsumers.com reports My Weekly Budget is one of the “…budget apps that we’ve found to be the best.
CNet My Weekly Budget was recommended as a best app for University students: “This one’s actually probably good for everyone, not just students. If you’re not used to budgeting, My Weekly Budget will help you keep track of your moolah so you don’t blow it all on fancy vinyl records and flared trousers. That’s what the kids these days are into, right…?”

Our apps have also been featured on the following websites and consumer blogs: GoHarsh.com, KylieOfiu.com, 50PlusFinance.com, and StylistCareersMEMANH.com.