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MyWBMy Weekly Budget®+ lets you focus on a simple spending target. Focusing day-by-day, keeping within a spending target helps you meet your budget and saves you money over time. When using MyWB+ consistently, it is easy to stay within your means because you are being updated on your spending each time you buy something. My MyWB+ can help anyone save money, college students, professionals, teens, couples, families, seniors, anyone living on a budget, and anyone looking to save money!

Designed with simplicity in mind – very easy use, MyWB+ brings to you…

  • Syncing between devices using iCloud!
  • Designed and optimized for both iPhone (4 & 5) and iPad, a universal app!
  • Budgeting periods of 1 Week, 2 Week, Half-Month or 1 Month!
  • Easy to move your data from MyWB to MyWB+!
  • Able to define your own custom currency formats!
  • Supports all international currencies!
  • Add/Delete/Organize your own Categories!

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