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About Us

“We’re about functional apps.”

“We focus on today’s app needs. We put a lot of thought into our app design in every step of the development process, so our products can be used efficiently and effectively in everyday life.” says Judy Tomlinson

About Us:

From initial concept to execution, AvocSoft® LLC continues to develop innovative applications for today’s mobile world.

Launched in 2010, AvocSoft® LLC is a leading mobile app development company dedicated to developing innovative and engaging applications for the mobile user.  Our company focuses on the development of mobile applications featuring simple user interfaces and powerful straightforward functionality. We specialize in app development for the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

AvocSoft® LLC was founded by two engineers who realized their entrepreneurial spirit. As innovative thinkers with backgrounds in technical development, software, and engineering, the pair sought to create user-friendly, functional apps that can be used by a wide range of audiences.

What We Do:

Because the world is now mobile, AvocSoft®’s mission is to design mobile apps which provide innovative solutions to help people navigate their lives.  No longer are people tied to a desk.  In today’s fast paced society, people are using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices as their main computing devices.  These mobile platforms do not use large, complex application software, but instead require small, focused apps, to accomplish tasks quickly and simply while on-the-go.  Whether it is an app designed to simplify personal finance or mobile CRM system for vertically based businesses- the goal of AvocSoft® is to put app based tools in people’s pockets.

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